Minutemen 4x44 5 - pack

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The Minutemen is the name of the size of the cigar.  The Minutemen is 4" in length and a 44 ring gauge.  They come in a 5 pack only.  

Select the blend you would like from the drop down menu.

We have the following blends available:

  • .50 Cal Garrison Oscuro Maduro (Full bodied cigar with some leather, chocolate, coffee and wood notes)
  • 5.56 MM Garrison Corojo (Medium bodied cigar with hints of buttery pepper and spice)
  • 5.56 MM Field Connecticut Shade (Light bodied cigar with hints of spice up front and smooth finish)

Warfighter Minutemen

In the American tradition, the Minuteman was civilian member of the colonial militia—prepared to defend Freedom and Liberty on a moment’s notice.  During the Cold War a new “Minuteman”—a three-stage intercontinental ballistic missile—became America’s new, and significantly more effective deterrent of tyranny.   Ready when you are, but with the knowledge that you may only have a moment to enjoy a quality cigar.  Don’t go without—instead be ready for that glorious moment.


Handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua

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