C.L.B. Beard Oil, 2 oz

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Clean. Lube.  Beard on.  That's how the Freedom Beard Warfighter cares for his mane of awesomeness.  Like all quality weapon systems, you care for your beard so it is everything you need it to be.  Okay, the truth is out, the Freedom Beard is a weapon--to be used to both woo the fairer sex while simultaneously striking fear into those lesser, skanky, ISIS beards.  There's a reason Chuck Norris has a beard....

This super-premium beard oil not only nourishes your beard and face, but it is made with only 100% pure organic essential oils--including rosemary and frankincense to promote growth; cedar wood for healthy skin; and eucalyptus to help prevent breakouts.  It is a light oil that absorbs quickly and has a clean aroma with hints of rum, vanilla, cedar and citrus.  It was designed to smell great "as is" while also complimenting the smell of premium tobacco smoke.    

Directions for Use:  After showering, or to touch up before you head out to slay the hearts of fair maidens, place a dime sized amount into your hand and rub through your beard to the skin, comb through and style as usual.  Although a little goes a long way, your perfect amount will depend on the length and girth of your beard.  

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